Our Team

Friendly and Accessible

Sojourn Signs is a local, friendly, and accessible sign company that is committed to superior customer service. Simply put, we are easy to work with. Unlike many sign companies, you won’t get answering machines or menu options when you call Sojourn. From the first point of contact, you will speak with a friendly and professional team member who is ready to listen, and assist with your signage requirements. From concept to completion, and everything in between and beyond, our accessible and responsive team is here to help you put your best face forward.


Sojourn is committed to a high level of integrity and trust when it comes to how we work with our clients, each other, and our process. We do what we say we will do, when we say we’ll do it. After all, you are entrusting us with your image and brand, and relying on us to get you the visibility and recognition you need to prosper – and that is exactly what we do. You can trust our process – from concept to completion, because it’s a logical, strategic, and solid approach backed by 24 years of solid experience and know-how.


From concept to completion, and everything that needs to happen in between, and beyond, the Sojourn team works with our clients and their budgets for the best custom solutions. Sojourn’s experience, expertise, and resourcefulness allow us to be responsive and flexible in any situation. With our diverse product range and supplier connections, if you need any signage product / component, we probably have it; and if we don’t, we’ll find it for you!


Tom Riley
Sales Consultant
Cell: +1.902.802.7818
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: tom.r@sojourn.ca
Sean Fitzmorris
Sales Consultant
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: sean.f@sojourn.ca
Suzette Stockley
Sales Consultant
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: suzette.s@sojourn.ca
Heidi Slauenwhite
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: heidi.s@sojourn.ca



Stan Slauenwhite
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: stan.s@sojourn.ca
Jeff Slauenwhite
Operations Manager
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: jeff.s@sojourn.ca
Susan Ferris
Sales / HR Manager
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: susan.f@sojourn.ca
Mark Hayden
Production Supervisor
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: mark.h@sojourn.ca
Toby Slaunwhite
Office Manager
Phone: 902.468.6892
Email: toby.s@sojourn.ca